About our Program

In 1976 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a 19 year-old college student was shot and killed in a robbery of the gas station where he worked.  The case went unsolved amid a public outcry to solve it.  A detective named Greg MacAleese, working with a local TV station, came up with a simple but brilliant idea.  They raised a small reward fund in the community then filmed a reenactment of the crime.  Viewers were given a phone number where they could call anonymously with information on the case and receive the reward if their information led to an arrest.

Not only did they receive a tip that solved that case, about one hundred calls came in from people who wanted to give information about other crimes but were afraid to come forward to police.  It was obvious to everyone involved that they had hit upon a crime-fighting goldmine.  A nonprofit program called Crime Stoppers was formed with a volunteer board of citizens to approve rewards and raise funds.  Soon other communities began to copy the program and before long Crime Stoppers had spread across the country.  Our local program was initiated in 1982.

Today there are Crime Stoppers hotlines in every state and in more than twenty other nations around the world including the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Poland, South Korea, Mexico, The Netherlands, and many other countries.

Founded in 1982, our Greater Kansas City Crime Stoppers TIPS Hotline marks 38 years of operation in 2020.  During that time our program has helped keep the Kansas City metro area a safer place to live, raise a family, do business and visit.  Our program is recognized year after year as one of the world’s leading Crime Stoppers programs.  We are often called upon for advice by other existing programs and to help set up new ones in other cities.  Most recently we aided the city and county of St. Louis in establishing a Crime Stoppers program there.

Day after day our hotline rings with information from concerned citizens who want to tell what they know about crimes or wanted criminals.  On average, our hotline helps solve four felony cases each and every day.

Our record of success over the years has included tips that helped solve many high-profile crimes such as the Ali Kemp murder case, the 1988 deaths of six firefighters, the arrest of serial killer Richard Grissom, the Kelsey Smith murder case and many others.

Since 2004 one of our most successful programs has been our partnership with Lamar Advertising.  Lamar continues to donate valuable billboard space on which they display photos of fugitives wanted for murder in the metro area.  Since its inception this initiative has helped put at least nine suspects in jail and has become a model for other Crime Stoppers programs in the U.S.



Our program is committed to continuing our fight to solve crime, track down dangerous fugitives, and make our community safer.  To do this, we only need the support of the citizens and the business community we serve.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Greater Kansas City Crime Stoppers TIPS Hotline, a program of the Kansas City Metropolitan Crime Commission, to facilitate a partnership between the public, the media and law enforcement in order to help make the metropolitan area a safer place to live, work and visit.  Crime Stoppers utilizes citizen support and media assistance in aiding law enforcement agencies in solving crimes and bringing wanted criminals to justice.

You are also encouraged to check the link to the KC Metropolitan Crime Commission here:  http://www.kc-crime.org/index.cfm


Who is Involved

Darren Griffith, Narthex      Chairman
Chief (Ret.) Steve Cox      President
Dave Lamaster, Treat America      1st Vice President
John Breckenridge, KCP&L      2nd Vice President
Michelle Lehrman, American Century      3rd Vice President
Jackie Cudahy      Secretary - Board of Advisors
Neil Atha, Atronic Alarms      Board of Advisors
Carl Boyd      Board of Advisors
Danny Carmichael      Board of Advisors
Doug Carrithers      Board of Advisors
Don Casals, Nortek      Board of Advisors
Steve DiGiacinto, Hallmark Cards Inc.      Board of Advisors
James Eddy, Popeyes of Kansas City      Board of Advisors
Linda Fisher, Icon Labs      Board of Advisors
Michael Fleming      Board of Advisors
John Hinman, Nexus5 Group      Board of Advisors
Rodney Lewallen, KC School District      Board of Advisors
Michael Mahoney      Board of Advisors
Karen Maslanka, Citizens Bank & Trust      Board of Advisors
Boyd McGathey      Board of Advisors
Eddie McGuire      Board of Advisors
Lara Moritz, KMBC TV-9      Media - Board of Advisors
Loren Procter      Board of Advisors
Randy Rhoades      Board of Advisors
Andy Rieger, J. Rieger and Company      Board of Advisors
Gregg Riess, Grant Thornton, LLC.      Board of Advisors
Robbin Wasson      Board of Advisors
Crystal Whitmore, Sprint-Nextel Corp.      Board of Advisors
Mitchell E. "Mitch" Wood, Halbrook Law Firm      Board of Advisors
Major (Ret.) Kelli Bailiff, Wyandotte County, KS Sheriff      Law Enforcement Member
Det. Kevin Boehm, KCPD      Law Enforcement Member/Coordinator (non voting)
Richard Cook      Ex-Officio
Chief (Ret.) Richard Easley, KCPD      Ex-Officio
Sgt. (Ret.) Craig Sarver, KCPD      Ex-Officio
James Graham, Graham & Assoc.      Lifetime Member
Margaret Jones, Fleshman Construction, Inc.      Lifetime Member
Chief (Ret.) Myron Scafe, Overland Park, Kansas      Lifetime Member
Ray Zakovich, Zakovich and Associates      Lifetime Member
Steve Brown      Honorary Member
Todd Harrison, Johnson Controls      Honorary Member
Brian Henry, Lamar of KC      Honorary Member
Brian Jackson, Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP      Honorary Member
Dennis Petree      Honorary Member
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